July 17, 2014

A piece o' toast

A Sketchbook Skool homework assignment. May I use this opportunity to talk about toast?  There was once a brand of toasters called…efficiently…Toastmaster. McGraw-Edison made them. Now, full disclosure, I worked my way through college working summers at McGraw-Edison in Elgin, but it really doesn't matter.  There has never been a toaster like an old Toastmaster toaster made by M-E. Or maybe I was less fussy as a younger person.  But I remember perfect toast: evenly toasted all over and on both sides. Mmmm…butter melting into little pockets. Bob and I have been through at least a dozen - probably two dozen - toasters in our time together. Although we do not agree on what makes a good toaster, it really doesn't matter.  None of them pass muster. Too short, too burned, too light, only toasts one side, too inconsistent, not good for bagels, only good for bagels, oh brother. Please note the burned area of this toast and that it is only half a piece. The slots are too short for a longer piece of bread.  Oh brother. 
Thanks for listening. Now I feel better. 


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Joanne Huffman said...

I agree, I haven't seen a good toaster for years (size does matter).

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