March 30, 2012

It's a small world, after all.

My package of washi tape straight from Japan just arrived. Will I ever get used to having access to the big wide world to fill my toolbox??


Some pretty cute videos on the subject of pencils...

My pencil cup. Must work today.

can be found at Uppercase  (which, by the way, is its own fantastic source of creativity at which you will find some amazing work).

Here's one. You'll enjoy this, I just know.

Pencil Revolution by Schradinova from Schradinova (Janne Schra) on Vimeo.

Check out this master doodler and be inspired to get your pens out and start drawing.  I know I am. Today!

Amaia Arrazola drew this.


March 24, 2012

Photo apping my walk today...

Took a lot of pictures on my walk around the Ballard Locks and Ballard streets and had some fun with various photo apps tweaking them.

One of the Polaroid-look apps...can't remember which.

Ate fish and chips here. I have to do a better job of noting which apps I use to create effects.

A boy and his dog

I sketched from here, posted elsewhere.

Had coffee at the end of the afternoon on the "front porch" of Firehouse Coffee. It was grand. Few people, warm weather, a great dog to enjoy next to me. Life is good.

Goose Crossing

Love that Tilt-Shift.

I Map My Walk

March 21, 2012

Window shopping

'Nuff said. 

Just loved this look in the Eileen Fisher window today. 


March 3, 2012

Latest face and some Pinspirations.

I find that it takes very little effort to get inspired now that I have the incredible resources of the blogs I follow and Pinterest. So much talent out there. It amazes me that I actually look at the blank page and think "what shall I make/draw/paint today?" when I am surrounded by books and blogs. And yet...

Well, I did paint something yesterday. It started out trying to be Harry Belafonte - why not, it was his birthday and he has a bee-u-ti-ful face -  but alas, no Harry here.  But it's still a nice face; he looks like a friendly guy, don't you think?  I'll try again.  I'm determined.  I'm enjoying using Ann Bagby's "Grungy sketchbook" style because it combines my journaling style (well, one of them, she said schizophrenically) with my enjoyment of drawing faces. (Ann, one of my favorite artists, has a new DVD through Creative Catalyst.)

Not Harry.
And, here are some artists and delectables I have discovered from my morning on Pinterest checking up on one of my favorite pinners, from Seoul, South Korea, "Moline." (And, she shares my last name - no wonder I found her!)

Notice how worldwide we all are these days.

Pikaland - a juicy "catalog of artists and illustrators" filled with resources - because you needed even more, yes?Amy Ng from Malaysia.

74 Lime Lane  - Kellie from Australia. loved her Read/Watch/Make/Inspired/Covet/Check out/Home/Be/Get recommendations! Ah...even more links. Wake me when it's over :)

Also, if you're fond of digital desktop calendars, you will find many snappy ones through this great new (for me anyway!) resource.

Geninne's Art  Blog and her pinterest site. OMG, another day trip. Geninne lives in Mexico.

The Pink Couch - found some classy shabby paper creations there!

Enjoying the Jesse Stone marathon while I spend a chunk of the morning here. But, now, I really must stop and draw or walk or clean the studio.  Really.
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