December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from our house...

to yours.  And now that the work is done, I plan to sit by the fireplace every day and take it all in. Also, there's a new (Not-so) Daily Amazing on the web site.

Painting inspired by the work of Jill Mayberry.


December 20, 2015

Deck the hall

Finally....5 days before Christmas Day...we have a finished tree.   A couple of years ago I cleaned out the ornament bin of ornaments I didn't like anymore. (Bob has no opinion on the ornaments and leaves me to my executive decisions regarding Christmas decor. Good and bad. But I digress.)  What is left are all my favorites. Last year we took a break from having a tree, opting for decorating the house.  I need the break because it comes around so dang fast; really, it seems I put it all away (hours of work on both ends, isn't it?) and it's time to take it out and start over again. And find a place for the autumn things, which replaced the spring things. And the wheels go round and round.

This is one of my favorites. Looks like carved wood, love the jester he's holding. Probably one of the only more traditional ones on the tree.  I'm instead into shoes and spheres and whites. More than you needed to know.

AND over at the web site home page, the Daily Amazing highlights a 3 meter long children's book that struck my fancy. Where's Waldo on steroids.


December 17, 2015

Hadn't had my quokka of smiles until...

After a 10-day vacation to take care of business and spend some time with my BFF in California, it's back to spending some time in the red chair studio. The cats continue to spend their time in the red chair.

I posted a Daily Amazing on the web site. You will LOVE this, I guarantee.  If only for the reason to introduce yourself to a quokka. A quokka with a charming smile, may I add. How can you resist?

Photo by Allan Dixon


December 10, 2015

The Girls Do Oceanside

A little noir

Interesting things hanging around...

Are those really bananas?


December 5, 2015

Lightning in a Box.

One of the special effects in the photography of this photographer. Over at The Daily Amazing on the web page.


December 2, 2015

Run, Spot, Run. See Diane's new Etsy shop. It has a calendar!

My Etsy shop is tied with a ribbon and ready to go. You can always find the way to it on the website.
My 2016 calendar is available for sale. It is a collection of prints from artwork I did this year as I celebrated a new flower each month. Painted, printed, collaged, carved images from real life, photos, and one from my imagination. I am sure there is a flower blooming in November somewhere, but not in our yard, for sure.


Map lovers...attention, please!

They Draw and Travel is a book now! 100 maps of American places illustrated with charm and creativity by sketchers from all over. Maps have been previously published in the web site. You have been to the web site, yes? No? Get thee over there, my friend, if you call yourself a map lover and fellow traveler.
This map by Silvia Sponza of Milano, Italy is on the website; not sure if it in the book, but is representative of those that are!

Here is information about the book.

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