July 31, 2011

Cool catalogues

At the Art Educators conference in Seattle last spring, I picked up these beautiful catalogs from various art colleges. Full color heavy-stock paper with great images, ready pages for painting, gessoing, pasting, etc. I will use each of them as "pre-sewn" signatures for a journal. My visual journals are all different - I get bored with the same things - and I've done a few of these kind. I love Anthropologie catalogs for the same thing and work around the existing photos when they intrigue me. Anyway, loved these and can't throw them away.

July 30, 2011

Map Nirvana: They Draw and Travel

oh my gosh - where has this site been? How have I missed it until now? I'm a sucker for maps. I love to draw them, read them, study them, interpret them, teach about them to my classes. And here's a site for artists who feel the same! Thanks to Jill Berry, who mentioned it on her site. (She's got a book coming that feels like it will be Just Right for those of mapaholics called Personal Geographies, on preorder at Amazon if you want to check it out.)

July 26, 2011


Daily drawing today is page from my journal that expresses how I feel about Congress these days. Drawn from a Philadelphia Inquirer editorial cartoon.

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July 22, 2011

An interview video Carla Sonnheim style

This woman has one great sense of humor.

July 19, 2011

Mining for gold I find two new artists

Today while "tearing through" more magazines in my downsizing, I discovered two artist/designers whose work I found enchanting, and whose studios are remarkable, even if not my style. One was Shelly Kennedy (blog at, a most whimsical artist whose white studio of lovely treasures knocked me out. A very Mary Engelbreit feel but with pastels and white instead of Mary's knockout primaries. ("I think 'simple, simple' but I always end up overdoing it. More is more." A woman after my own heart, me thinks.)

Another was Ashley Carter of Goldbug Studio. Much whimsey, funny but pretty and stylish. If you enjoy a sense of humor in your decor and giftmaking, you will enjoy. The magazine in which I read about both was Mary Engelbreits'Home Companion April May 2006 in case you, like me, couldn't part with them after you read them. I really miss that magazine. In the tearing out of favorite things, I have quite a pile growing.
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