February 27, 2012

Like the abacus and slide rule....

These art supplies or the packages they came in are gone (or going) but not always forgotten..

Check out this web site for some fun. (Link at bottom)

...these photos from The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies.

February 26, 2012

Urban Sketching

I love my newest book!  Over 300 pages of sketches from across the world. The author, Gabriel Campanario, who started Sketchcrawl and sketches a Seattle scene each week in the Seattle Times, among other things, has put this inspiring collection together. Sketching in the city isn't the easiest thing to do, at least for me, although these many everyday sketches make it look so.


February 23, 2012

Courage on my mind

Sketched from a small photo in newspaper story about her death. When I looked her up, I would say it's not a very goo facsimile of the real Marie, but then again, neither was the newspaper photo. 
This is a sketch of Marie Colvin, an award-winning journalist, born and raised in NYC but who worked for the Brtitish Sunday Times. She died while covering the siege of Horns in Syria recently. 

She had previously lost an eye in a Sri Lankan skirmish while covering the event. She married another war correspondent who worked for the Spanish press. He committed suicide because, according to a close friend, "the world was not a kind, nice and dignified place anymore."

Something about this whole story made an impression on me. I am still trying to sieve out the many thoughts and emotions connected to it. Sometimes there are reminders of a world far away from the stuff of blogs, tweets, and follows that cannot be denied.


February 15, 2012

Grab a little exercise while you listen to this!

Photo by Rice on her blog.
If you are wondering about where curiosity and creativity comes from, whether it diminishes as you grow older, what inspires this artist to learn more, do more, and create more, you should listen to this podcast. It is a conversation between Wendy Hale Davis (who just turned 60)  and Rice (rhymes with Lisa, sorry no double dots there) Freeman-Zachary. It's a long one, but I found it so interesting, not the least reason being that....I agree with everything they both said! And, because it's Rice, you'll giggle a little, too.

Does anyone know how to create the two dots of a letter in Blogger?  I know how to do the accent mark, but....


Spending time discovering new artists. One link leads to another, and another, and another. Love Pinterest for this kind of journey.

Here's one: luscious sketchbook page from Susy Pilgrim Waters. Check it out.

February 4, 2012

Bring spring on!

enjoying springlike weather at Alki in February. I will never tire of this view from across the bay.

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