October 17, 2013

A couple of postcards

Altered an existing iconic Tuscany postcard view for a September postcard exchange. 

 Inspired by a French alphabet book I added to my collection this week!  


Montmartre Moments

Impressions in Montmartre Delatre, Müller, exhibition
This friendly-looking guy enticed me to an exhibit of his work today. It is a self-portrait of Eugene Delatré. I didn't know him before today. He was among the painters, printers, artists living and painting in Montmarte early in the 20th century. Think Moulin Rouge, Renoir, Picasso, and LaTrec.

This artist was a supreme etcher and printer. I fell in love with his pieces when I saw the exhibit today at the Musee Montmartre.

The museum is on this street but it didn't look so great back then. I saw pictures. Believe me.

Renoir lived in this building for a few years back then. He would take his large easel to the streets and paint all day there, then return at night to his room. 

This was on the grounds also. It is the swing from "The Swing" ...a painting you may recognize! Critics didn't like it when it was first presented. He took a hit. Don't know what they didn't like about it.  What's not to love about that dappled light? 

There were old photos of many of the artists who made their name here and spent their days and nights on the streets and cabarets. Fun to see early Picasso, young and old Renoir, Toulouse LaTrec....
I thought the best part of all was a large model of Montmarte with the artists' homes and studios designated. 

 I pooped out before getting to see everything I had hoped to see. I love scouting around and finding famous spots. (Yesterday we found Ernest Hemingway's first apartment in Paris with Hadley and Jack.)  I wanted to find Amelie's cafe and Picasso's studio. Alas. Must save for next time. Hilly, you know. Lots of hills and steps. but what views!

Walking the street is such fun. How else do you come across a silver man taking a cigarette break?


October 16, 2013


Delectable mid-day treat from Gosselin Pastries right next door to our apartment.


October 15, 2013

The road to Cortona

I don't know if the world really was that blue or not. I do know that the road to Cortona from our villa was curvy and hilly and scary and steep and long. Pretty, yes. but also curvy and hilly and scary and steep and long. The longest eight miles I've ever known. That's Sandy on the left and me in the jacket that keeps on giving.

October 13, 2013

October 9, 2013

Iconic View Alert

Not much time for sketching but captured a few beautiful Tuscan views today. A sampling. When i have better technology, I'll post better versions, but you get the idea. The two sculptures are in a series of five whimsical ones in the piazza of Montalpulciano. I loved loved them. I will post more about them later, I hope.

Still no good news on the lost luggage department. Boo hoo.

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October 7, 2013

Splendid music in a splendid house

From the Prague journal..September 29

We attended a pleasant evening concert at the Municipal House, where Art Nouveau reigns.

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We have arrived back to Roma for our week at a real Italian villa.

Unfortunately, we left behind my laptop luggage at the airport parking garage. It is still among the missing and having done what I can, do not hold out much hope of seeing it again.

Fortunately, I had removed the laptop and I have it, and it has all my travel photos tucked away.

Unfortunately, the power cord is in the missing luggage and I am out of juice.

Fortunately, I was wearing clothes when we left it behind.

Unfortunately, all my other clothes and scarves, old and new, were in the luggage.

Fortunately, I finally have a day to journal and sketch and blog from my photos and memories.

Unfortunately, most of memories are in that bag on SD cards and notes.

Fortunately, (and it is a big one), I had saved photos elsewhere and will have them when i can power up.

Unfortunately, I cannot share all I would love to.

Fortunately, i know how to put things into perspective. I am not being shot at while shopping at a mall or teaching 1st grade or rescuing all my belongings from a raging fire. And I am at a lovely place in the world right now with many best and longtime friends.

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October 4, 2013

From these photos....

You may have guesht
That I have been
To Budapest.

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October 1, 2013

A traveler's lament...

Half dones. Journals, postcards, notes to build memories. A  traveling journaler's frustration. 
I am wanting to photo. I am wanting to draw. I am wanting to share. I am wanting to see. I am wanting to journal. I am wanting to meet people. I am wanting to be with friends. I am wanting solitude. I am wanting comraderie. I am wanting peace and quiet. I am wanting more time. I am wanting to forge ahead. I am wanting to linger.

I am wanting to blog.

Quite obviously, I am not meeting all of my wants. Of course not. Perhaps soon I will find the time to put what is in my head to paper. To postcards. To you who have come here by intent or accident.

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