October 1, 2013

A traveler's lament...

Half dones. Journals, postcards, notes to build memories. A  traveling journaler's frustration. 
I am wanting to photo. I am wanting to draw. I am wanting to share. I am wanting to see. I am wanting to journal. I am wanting to meet people. I am wanting to be with friends. I am wanting solitude. I am wanting comraderie. I am wanting peace and quiet. I am wanting more time. I am wanting to forge ahead. I am wanting to linger.

I am wanting to blog.

Quite obviously, I am not meeting all of my wants. Of course not. Perhaps soon I will find the time to put what is in my head to paper. To postcards. To you who have come here by intent or accident.



Joanne Huffman said...

There needs to be an extra day in the week for weary travelers. I look forward to seeing your sketches.

abby j said...

What Joanne said!! THe most imporant thing is that you ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

WANT to be in the moment you're in rather than in your to do/want to list?

Diane Moline said...

I am savoring. Definitely. Just know that one way i remember to savor the moment again is to sketch it. Missing those but not at the expense of the moment. Not to worry.

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