October 7, 2013


We have arrived back to Roma for our week at a real Italian villa.

Unfortunately, we left behind my laptop luggage at the airport parking garage. It is still among the missing and having done what I can, do not hold out much hope of seeing it again.

Fortunately, I had removed the laptop and I have it, and it has all my travel photos tucked away.

Unfortunately, the power cord is in the missing luggage and I am out of juice.

Fortunately, I was wearing clothes when we left it behind.

Unfortunately, all my other clothes and scarves, old and new, were in the luggage.

Fortunately, I finally have a day to journal and sketch and blog from my photos and memories.

Unfortunately, most of memories are in that bag on SD cards and notes.

Fortunately, (and it is a big one), I had saved photos elsewhere and will have them when i can power up.

Unfortunately, I cannot share all I would love to.

Fortunately, i know how to put things into perspective. I am not being shot at while shopping at a mall or teaching 1st grade or rescuing all my belongings from a raging fire. And I am at a lovely place in the world right now with many best and longtime friends.

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abby j said...

Attitude is EVERYTHING, Diane. Yours is stellar!!

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