May 11, 2008

WHAT A CRUMMY MAY we are having so far in the Pacific Northwest. Cold, overcast. Let the sun come, warm my body, give me light! It's cold in Chicago, too - almost frigid, wind blowing like a small hurricane at Wrigley Field. I'm ready for Sunday mornings on the deck with the NY Times and nothin' else to do.

May 3, 2008

Metro to Sound to Community Transits "Take the Bus"

I've been riding the bus to work a few times. Actually, the busses. It makes for a longer day and little longer trip because I have to transfer 2-3 times, riding 3 different bus services, and there's waiting time. Only when it's light enough at 7 a.m. in the morning am I interested, but I do enjoy not having to drive, wait in traffic, use the gas - really expensive now - and be able to read the paper, take a little snooze, draw....
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