February 21, 2017

Mixing metaphors

I wrote out a bunch of metaphors and sayings, cut them in half and mixed them up in a bowls, drew from each and matched new ones. My favorite was "The apple of my...anger."


February 15, 2017

You're right! I never would have thought of that!

Day 44 in the Sonheim 365 class I am participating in. 

February 3, 2017

Time for some updates

From the ridiculous collection of to-read books I have borrowed, bought, or shelved,  and with a reminder that, love it or hate it,  I am happiest reading 3 or 4 books at a time, I am currently immersed in these.

  I read this a thousand
  lifetimes  ago but
forgot how
  much I loved it.  

                              I just love
                              Virgil Flowers;
                               I can't help it. 
                  Reading and eating, two of my
                  favorite activities. Am I
                 the only one who loved
                 Homer Price and the
                Doughnut Machine? 

            True story of a sad
            Seattle crime and our
              collective failures
                   at treating mental illness.

1.  In the Studio 

Sonheim 365...using a non-art supply to make art.

Okay...not great.  Lesson relearned: DO NOT SPILL THE INDIAN EARTH. 

2.  Around the House

(Our new home is finally ready for prime time. Cars can go into the garage. All tubs and boxes are empty. Books are shelved. Art is on the wall. The studio's transformation from double car garage size to ... well, significantly complete. There are only a teeny few piles left and I have hidden them well. )

3.  Find of the Day

this video

4.  The (Almost-) Daily Amazing

a regular (though not daily so sorry) feature on the home page of the websiteAll I have to say about this one ain't called Amazing for nothin.'  Go see. 
                                                           Peter Crawley Is a Stitch. 

5.  Di's Five

Five favorite magazines:  Uppercase, Womankind, Daphne's Diary (which is a teeny on the two-sweet side but I do love the beauty of the page), Afar, Flow.
Almost all of these are ad-free and their websites and blogs are interesting, too. Granted, these magazines are those that appeal to broads like me, art-centered, independent, traveler. Also interesting: available in U.S. but originate elsewhere: Canada and various European locations.


February 1, 2017

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