January 8, 2009

Today's Inspiration....

I am so enjoying Arty Veldarde's sketch blog. You should go there! She participates in Everyday Matters and creates a lot of other great art.I found it very enjoyable. She has done some watercolor sketch portraits, really good, of Obama's cabinet and other names in the news. She also does comic strips for daily journals. She directed me to 25 best resumé site (she was named one of the 25!) - and THAT is a great visit. The creative juices inspire. I will enjoy looking at these over the next few days and plan to revisit often.

January 4, 2009

snowy trees all around

Inspired by our week's heavy and unusual snowfall around Christmas, I experimented with masking fluid and the Incredible Nib, which Molly Hashimoto told us about in a demo at Daniel Smith. It wasn't a great success but it was a very small canvas and with practice I'll do better. Each one, of course, took on its own personality. Some I hated and the more I kept putzing, the worse it got, with an occasional surprising exception. These two were favorites. Interestingly, the bottom one was build from one I washed out what was there, not liking it. It left a surreal hazy image that I built a little on, but mostly left as is. It turned out to be much better than the original! I mounted and sent them for my December Postcard Exchange group.
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