April 21, 2016

A sad farewell to Roosevelt

Roosevelt Row, that is, near downtown Phoenix.

A formerly funky neighborhood. 

This street with all of its goofy art, painted walls, art galleries and funky almost no more. I was so disappointed this year to revisit, anticipating the same high I always get in an arts district. It is becoming gentrified, it appears, with tall structures being built on so many corners,  streets becoming trafficy and one-way, older buildings torn down for taller condos and apartments. I didn't like it! A (very) few favorites are still there and I'll post them next. I took my spotted companion with me. You will see. But, for now,

some things I will miss:

Actually, Songbird moved, and I sought it out, and the brownies and tea were fabulous,
but I miss the old place, as sketched previously, below:

This beauty is gone. The wall, the birdies. 

Take your marker and draw tall buildings under construction here.

The colored bikes on the corner....gone.

If the fish is still there, I didn't see him. Probably on one of those many walls no longer there. 

This structure sat as a "welcome" to the neighborhood. it looked like the above  in both years I saw it before, but it's now
covered with graffiti, as are the buildings around it. Not artsy stuff, just art made ugly. Sort of an "We give up" look. 
Bye, Bear. 

Where have all the flowers gone?


April 18, 2016

April 11, 2016

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