November 28, 2015

Daily amazing and a thought for the day

        There's a new Daily Amazing on the web home page. Meanwhile....

                   Capitol Hill on a recent walk...

November 26, 2015

File: Letter Artists

                                                               Hannah Rabenstein

Typography Mania 
a large resource of typography, lettering, illustration, and daily inspiration.
Am still searching for the specific artist who submitted this to the site and will post his or her name when found.


November 22, 2015

15 years ago and coulda been yesterday....

I have posted a video of one of my past visual journals in my quest to get them all up on the Red Chair website. To encourage you to visit there, I'm sending you over with the link instead of posting the video here.


I struggle a little with the whole idea of posting these anywhere. Art journals are the rage and they are all over the internet. I enjoy looking at what others have done and being inspired by them. I kept visual journals for a long time before they took off. Mine were never meant to be public, although I hope they will be passed on after I meet with the angels. I love revisiting them, and often do, filling some pages left undone before. Some of them are less about "art" than being"visual" in journal form, though I use the terms interchangeably. I use these journals occasionally for celebrating and for some venting about little frustrations - nothing too deep and diary-personal here -but mostly for making art, experimenting with ideas, and recording the times in which I live. I let the bits of news I save and the quotes I use reflect my opinions. (It probably wouldn't take long for someone to figure me out.)

Creating videos of these journals is a ridiculously long process, and I am wavering whether worth the time it takes. Then again, it feels a little like the book you write but never publish, the journeys you take but never record, and the shared histories you never share.


November 19, 2015

My Magic Place  Sorry for the abrupt ending. I said quick and dirty.

We all have them, don't we? The place we go to when we need to be calm and reflective or to have our inner creativity nuzzled awake; you know the place. This is a Magic Place for me. It is a special garden at the Village Green Resort in Cottage Grove, Oregon. (A blog here.) A walk in this immense garden...even in October when blooming season is over...reveals surprises around every corner. Mailboxes greet you at every themed garden, beckoning you to open it up and read about the garden and its plants. Little things sit in the trees and under the benches. A grassy labyrinth leads you to my favorite thing in the garden, a statue of a young woman in peaceful repose. I put on my playlist for meditating and wander through. Each time I find something I did not see before.

The architect of this garden is Cyndee Eichengreen.  Yes, green.

I put together a quick and dirty Magisto video with some favorite scenes, but one day soon I will gather my photos and make something special. I encourage you to visit it sometime. Cottage Grove is the "Covered Bridge Capital of the West" and also close to wineries. It appears to me that you don't need to stay at the resort to see the garden....we have stayed at the resort (term used quite loosely!) and enjoyed our stay, but from the very mixed reviews, it all depends on the building and wing you are in (and a little about your need for perfection?)  Our room was updated, cute, extra chair for reading, all the amenities AND with a patio and seating, comfy beds, updated bath. I noticed that one unhappy  reviewer even dissed the garden as unmaintained, but it was February and, me the  northwest February garden that doesn't look winter weary.

For me, it's a magic place.


November 8, 2015

Too pretty to eat

...don't you think? Autumn squash sitting in my Italian bowl.


November 5, 2015

Like patterns? Love colors?

Well, then take a gander at this artist. Leaves me breathless.

Her name is Elena Nuez from Spain. I found this on Pinterest and am in love.

Elena Nuez

Elena Nuez

Elena Nuez

Elena Nuez

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