November 16, 2013

Journal Play

On my awfullest attention-deficit-like days, I find my focus gone and flit from one thing to another.  Today was one of those days. As I started to sort through the piles upon piles of studio STUFF (last minute packing grabs, bits and pieces of memories from trip, you know, you know, you know..), to start the clean-up process, I came across something that inspired me to look at one of my older journals.
So I filled some pages.  
These was made from a bad photo of long daffodil leaves that I manipulated and then worked the background with paints and crayons. 

Most of my journals are unfinished (if "finished" is ever an option anyway),  and I add to them as I find pictures, or draw things, or glue the papers in my life. Then I searched out some photos from early 2010 I hadn't done anything with, and then I played with those with apps and Photoshop

Amazingly, I fended up with five more pages. Didn't get much cleaned up, though.

In the interest of variety and because I get bored with the same thing easily, my journals run the gamet in size, structure, handmady-ness, bindings, and paper. This particular 2010journal is out of order, inconsistent in paper quality and size, and needs firmer binding; but it's coming together and, like all of my visual journals, 35 and counting, it gave me a kick to browse through it and remember days. Cliché alert: Seems like yesterday.

No animal was harmed in the taking of this picture. Maybe embarrassed. Rosie was Plimply-ed here.
I goofed up at the bottom in my spacing, but I don't mind.

And, yes, I do keep track of these crimes. When I can. It's a full-time job. 

November 14, 2013

Book Love in Several Languages

I collect picture books whose illustrations grab or inspire me. And alphabet books. And lovely children's books in foreign languages. And sketchbooks of travel.

Here are the ones I brought back with me from my trip to Tuscany, Prague, Budapest, and Paris. I will get many hours of pleasure from them.
In Budapest, I met the artist of one book (Jartamban..Kertemben), Maray Mariann, who signed it. She was working upstairs in a studio/gallery at the cutest darn bookstore of the whole trip, books and art and cards and jewelry all with artists' touches.

It does make for sweat time at baggage check-in, but I made it! 


November 12, 2013

Wrapper Medley

I found some wonderful wrapping paper in my travels last month....

in Prague:

and Budapest...

and Paris.

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