November 6, 2017

WHat's new...

 There's a NEW post or two at the NEW site and a NEW Daily Amazing. Just to whet your appetite:
All r recycled cardboard!  Pretty Amazing.  Read more


November 1, 2017

Best Friends...coming soon

Wander over to the new blog site to see a preview page from the 2nd 2018 calendar: Best Friends, Dogs We Love to Love. 

While you're there, consider subscribing to the newer blog and site to get immediate notices of posts. I sure would love to have you on the mailing list for that purpose (only.) 


October 23, 2017

The 2018 Calendar, Hula Hoops and Howdy Doodies, is ready and at the shop! You can see a video and details over at the new site and blog.


October 9, 2017

Calendar Countdown

Hope you'll mosey on over to the blog and new site to see the first of peeks into the 2018 Baby Boomer Toys and Joys calendar. It will be available for purchase on the site and Etsy beginning Oct. 16.  It will be followed within a few weeks by a second calendar "Dogs" (working title!) which will be in the same 5 x7 format as previous calendars.

There are also some new posts and new Daily Amazings in the Paper Series. Please consider a visit! The door is always open!

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