June 5, 2018

We have moved!

Thank you for dropping by! There are ten years of blog posts about art, artists, and the art life that will live here if you would like to linger and check out past posts. As of July 2017, however, we are located at an active website and blog at OR (Either one will get you there.) I hope you will subscribe to notification of blog posts while you are there.  Your email address is safe with me! If you enjoy it, please spread the word. It's always nice to have company! 

"Painting a Garden Table" and "These Are the Days," two of the videos you'll find on our website. Enjoy, and find more at, along with frequent blog posts, a mountain of resources and links, a gallery of artwork, a shop, a fountain of ideas for the artful life...have I run out of architectural references yet? 


November 18, 2017

Best Friends: a 2018 calendar has arrived

Hello, friends. I am sending you to the new site to see a preview video of the just-published doggie calendar I produced as the second 2018 calendar, which idea I must have gotten in some amazing spurt of energy that I have now depleted for awhile. Just kidding. Sort of.

I am pretty proud of both calendars and hope you will go look at them and consider purchasing one. I think you will find them unique and artful.

I am hoping you will consider moving on to the new site and bookmarking the new one to replace this blogspot site. While the archives are still here from 2008,  I have opened a new shop, a new site, and a new blog at, which you can also reach at (no "blogspot" at the end of the latter.) I am only touching base at this blogspot site once a week or so to let you know about new things. I am trying to increase the readership and subscription list and would love if you would join, if  you already haven't. I do not give or share in any way my mailing list and do not use it for any other purpose.

If you love the artful life,
or enjoy seeing amazing or creative endeavors by all kinds of artists,
if you would like hearing about delightful surprises in everyday life,
if you are always looking for new inspiration and ideas for your own home or artful adventures,
if you like having an opportunity to see unique items (mine and other artists, too)...

then I think you will enjoy my website. When you have a chance in  your busy life, a tour through the whole site, not just the blog, might pleasurably surprise you. It is still growing and new things are added weekly.  There's lots there! I hope to see you there.

Diane Moline

November 6, 2017

WHat's new...

 There's a NEW post or two at the NEW site and a NEW Daily Amazing. Just to whet your appetite:
All r recycled cardboard!  Pretty Amazing.  Read more


November 1, 2017

Best Friends...coming soon

Wander over to the new blog site to see a preview page from the 2nd 2018 calendar: Best Friends, Dogs We Love to Love. 

While you're there, consider subscribing to the newer blog and site to get immediate notices of posts. I sure would love to have you on the mailing list for that purpose (only.) 

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