December 26, 2008

Checking Michael Nobbs blog - randomly selected from my previously-posted "web of sketchers" and remembered why I enjoy it so much. One of his portraits made the NY Times set of artists portraits submitted by readers. Check it out here.
or the December 5 "City Room" edition online.

Some others: 


A favorite photo I took on a walk in my hometown in northern Illinois a couple of years ago. Lots of old Victorians that I never noticed growing up (or didn't care about!)

Have you found "Dumpr" yet?

In looking over wonderful journal work done by Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel, found through Everday Matters I found this. One of her photos (of Coptic markers, no less - work of art indeed!) was posted as if in a frame in a museum being observed by museum visitors. Saw the credit underneath and followed it to Their slogan is "Have fun with your photos." - It's free with a sign-in. Put your photos in a museum, Give it a lomography photo effect. Make it a jigsaw puzzle, Create circular art with it. Save it to file, Flickr, a web page...I loved what "pencil sketch" did to an architectural photo I took. The one here is a lomo photography effect of a daylight shot taken in Italy. Lomography without the camera - cool!

For a $12/yr fee, there are even more things and you can create a hi-resolution printable photo. Could be a nice reward for photos shot by students - a display - a calendar effect - gifts they make for Mother's Day, Father's Day

I signed up for the premium- seemed reasonable and offered more choices.
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