September 30, 2013

Room with a view

Prague: the city of spires

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September 27, 2013


Doors aplenty. This one particularly caught my eye.

Playing with Ink Effects on iPhoto app gave me an idea for a quick business card to give out to my new friends from class.  Technology otherwise failed me that day; my technology karma has been bad bad on this trip. I have gotten so spoiled. I try to put things into perspective. See me smile.


September 25, 2013

Playing with apps

Yesterday, I learned some ways to use my camera to capture moments, senses. I took dozens of photos using various combinations of settings for intriguing images. This was my favorite. I used the previously undiscovered black-white-color option with a color filter...
Actually, a dark gray depressing  stairway.

But then, today, we were once again reminded: there's an app for that.

Very film noir


September 19, 2013

It's 2:00 midnight. Do you know where your

Italian travelers are?

Scene from our hotel window, Orvieto. italy.


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September 16, 2013

Postcard info....

If you would like to receive digital postcards from my travels, please see the post of September 16 here.

Instead of travel books....

I cut, paste, sketch and collage in journals I prepare ahead of time. I leave for Italy, Prague, Budapest, and Paris this week with these (and more I am still creating) in tow.

If you would like a few digital postcards from places I sketch, paint, or collage while traveling, email Please make the subject "digital postcard."

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September 3, 2013

Planning My Journals

As I prepare for a trip to Europe coming up soon, I am busy thinking about the journals I will make and take. Lots of decisions to make. I will probably vary what I do for each of the regions I visit, but everything will be in loose pages or signatures. I do not do full books well and i hate carrying them around.

For Italy, I will work "backwards" a little. For sketching and painting, I usually take a photo or use a book and make my drawing from that. I think this time I will first make a sketch or painting from a photo in my travel books. Since on previous travels I've been to several of the hill towns we will be visiting, I want to give myself a little scavenger hunt project. I'll look for the places or items I've drawn, and take a photo as my "evidence." I look forward to the hunt. I think some of my traveling partners will help me look.

work in progress....

I'll make a few loose pages for each, leaving lots of room for doodads and ephemera and teeny little sketches. I like pasting in quotes and tips from travelers. After returning, I'll add the doodads, transfer images, stamp, and have a merry old time. This is a good way that I extend the trip on both ends.

Oh, I will have fun.

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