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December 5, 2016

A po-em for you

Today's stash ready for their bags of goodies and mailing envelopes. 

What might Alice have seen in the gardens of Wonderland?
What were the strange, unique, frilly or grand?
Well, a dozen are here for two oh one seven
Do not imagine they are not real. Eleven
of them, though maybe rare, are definitely actual.
Botanically accurate? Specifically factual?
You jest. 
I took artistic license, I confess.
And, what would any Wonderland tea party be
without some unreality?
Yes, one pigment of my imagination.
Can you guess which one? 

(Oh, yes there will be a test.)

In case you missed earlier post, you can find information at the website:  This year's collection is "Gardens of Wonderland."  Flowers that look imaginary but are, indeed, real. Well...mostly. My calendars are prints of original artwork and/or photos I have taken, combined with digital backgrounds. 


November 28, 2016

The 2017 calendar is ready to ship!

Information is over at the website and at my Etsy shop which you can also access from the website. I had fun with flowers again this year...ones that look imaginary but actually exist!  Well, sort of. Mostly. Artistic license taken.

Pardon me if I crow, but with our move and my overseas trip happening in  September and October, it was looking pretty dim for getting this year's calendar out. I had some of the art started for another project, and that's good, because my original plan just didn't come together. I finished all the artwork, then decided to test my skills with digital backgrounds, picking up the manual again and reviewing my downloaded classes. I think I have been learning Photoshop since the Earth was new, but like my French, I am definitely at the Struggle Level. Well, maybe I achieved Struggle Plus. But I also learned how to set up shop at my website where I can take orders directly, and so I am ready ready ready! On to things on my list that have been neglected. You don't want to know.

 I am reading Michael Connelly's new book, The Wrong Side of Good-bye. I though his last one was the best (The Crossing), but this one even beats it. With my schedule lately, I don't get around to picking it up until bedtime but it's so good, I spend another hour reading it when I should be getting more sleep, darn it. Harry Bosch, my hero. Connelly is a so dang good at realistic dialogue, believable characters, and penetrable plots. Like so many of us, I think he's getting better as he gets older. (Eye rolling allowed.) Highly recommended.

November 2, 2016

Home again, home again, jiggly jig

Arrived home to the good ole US of A late Sunday (well, late for me, Paris time!) My day was nine hours longer and felt every bit of it. I am always profoundly grateful to arrive home safe and in one piece, especially after a trip with complexities. I had such a wonderful time on the tour and in my solo week in Paris AND I am also delighted to be home to husband and cats, despite the boxes and piles I have yet to organize as I set up my play rooms!

May I also say I am enjoying watching the World Series at a regular hour and in comfortable seating. No more 2:00 a.m. sleep interruptions. Oh, yes, I know what you are saying. But you are wrong. Yes, indeed, I had to do it. There is no choice in the matter.

I have been diligently working on the 2017 calendar. It will be little late this year (mid-November) but having an unplanned house move and a big trip I could not reschedule, I'm proudly patting myself on the back for having one at all. Thank you, past customers and supporters, for hanging in there. I'll be sure to post when it is available for sale on my web site or Etsy.

Here is a preview page of this year's calendar :  Not Imaginary Flowers: an artistic take on real flowers that only look imaginary.

I had this cookie on Monday and it came to me. Pretty amazing. This cookie was on a grocery shelf in Paris on Saturday and I am eating it two days later over 4000 miles from that shelf. Don't you agree...pretty amazing!?

While I was gone, our built-in shelves were completed so I've been busy finally getting our living room in shape and bringing autumn in. Our trees are bare from the record rain the Seattle area has had.  Rainiest October on record. Glad I missed it: Paris and Seattle are on the same latitude, more or less, and experienced the same climate. While I was there, we had some drizzle and rain but mostly it was dry if not sunny. We did not experience the rain that Seattle has had. Oh, well, all the more green, come summer. Here's a peek at a corner or two of the house that is ready for prime time. 

I love my collection of glass pumpkins. My friend Kay got me started collecting them. The sparkly ones are from Pottery Barn, though. 


October 28, 2016

Paris walk deux.

  House on rue Christine where Gertrude and Alice lived,.

 Had a good night's sleep last game!  Yesterday I walked and walked and walked, grabbing the Metro in a couple of places only. I found some areas I had not yet been ever.  I followed my map and I sought out places where Gertrude STein and Alice B., Toklas lived (the best of the lot that I saw)...Picasso (the worst!)...e.e. cummings...and where Henry Miller, destitute and depressed, took his life., One door looks the same as the other, and time has certainly changed the area, but still, I could see the general idea. And it would hardly surprise anyone that Gertrude and Alice had a very fine place, don't you think. Avenue Christine still seems like a go-to street. At least in my imagination.

I saw lots of art and many people to paint and draw later on.  And sat near a gorgeous young Parisian man-boy who I think was courting a peppy and pretty Parisian girl.  First date? They were having a wonderful time and many laughs.  He was so handsome in a fresh-faced way  I did a double-take at first glance. Oh I do miss my youth.

The best thing for me on these walks is Google Maps. Thank goodness for Google maps. It does not require wi-if but lets me know where I am and what direction I am traveling. A life-saver when one is roaming strange new places and can turned around quite easily with street name changes, as does the City of Light.  Metro signs also save the traveler. Look for the METRO! 

   At Sennelier Art, up on the 3rd floor one gets to by a deep spiral staircase there is a wall of self-portrait drawings by customers.   Mine is the blurry one at the bottom. 

      One can never bypass one red chair.

One red chair?


  Add an S, si'l vous plait. 

Yay, Google maps


October 27, 2016


Yesterday I set out to do several things and did none of them. One of those days when I would start out with a destination and change my mind or run our of time or energy,. Butt that's okay, too. One point of destination was Sennelier...never made it, but enjoyed a few minutes on the Pont Saint-Louis where skateboarders were putting on a show and lots and lots of people watched in the cool night air. Including this Dad and daughter, I presume.

October 25, 2016

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