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August 19, 2016

" I don't understand how people get bored. It's a complete mystery to me. How is it even possible when there are so many things you can do to amuse yourself? I have a million and one projects on the go that I can dip into when I have nothing else to do. My problem is those projects too often get shelved because I never have nothing else to do. "

from a blog post by Andrea Joseph. (Who, by the way, I have spoken of often here and who you should get to know if you don't. An amazing illustrator.)

Let's just say...

I concur. 

I have two large and full project drawers for creative projects already packed away for the upcoming move. And this....

...which has no relation to the studio or artwork. Among the items therein: a book about the kings and queens of England, Ancient Rome and Greece, and the geography of far-off countries, all of which I suck at, And I always have a pile, much less several bookcases full of, books to read. And articles clipped from media to read in the john or on long road trips. And there's always the French to learn. And the travel journals to finish. Yes, I too fail to see how one can get bored. Well, there was this one day sometime ago in hot Nebraska....


August 13, 2016

Password Rant

I will most likely not be able to get in to my own bathroom without a f-ing password one of these days.

Which evidently I set up some day in the past.

Unbeknownst to me.

Probably so I could do something else that was once simple.

Which also required a password.

Of undeniably a certain amount of numbers, caps, and strange bedfellows.

And which of course needed to be changed at a given point.

To something else but not something already used.

When did everything I do, think, or say get "backed-up" to a cloud?  Password-protected? So utterly valuable to the world and myself?

When did life become so extraordinarily complicated?

August 11, 2016

Yellow things I saw on my walk tonight

Our days are numbered in the neighborhood in which we live. While I am excited about the new home and look forward to new adventures there, I am going to miss this neighborhood and home so so much. So I am taking as many walks as I can to enjoy the view and set it in my memory bank. Tonight I saw some yellow things that gave me pleasure. I would really like that car yes i would.


August 9, 2016

Trapped in a world of famous paintings

I have another post almost ready to go, but while I polish it up, I must share something I just found on Facebook. Ya gotta see it.    OR


July 16, 2016

Missing in action

Yes, that's me. All my projects - the MegaZine (nearly finished), the calendar, the blog, the journals....all by the wayside for a few weeks while we move from here...

oh i do love this home...there will be tears.

to here...
...and still room for One Red Chair Studio.

Anyone who has ever moved from a  home they have lived in at some length (for us, 20 years), knows what a (coining a phrase here)...YUUUGE endeavor it is. More so, if you are moving a large studio space. It is sucking all the other time I have for those things mentioned above (and a few other of life's pleasures as well). We are happy about our move but oh so busy. I will return. Soon. Don't give up on me. On the Diagonal MegaZine coming and new calendar or two in late fall. And  France trip on the schedule in October.

I am very aware that my life is blessed and I am drinking in every day, whether it is filled with the hassles of life or not. I am thinking about the pain felt by so many right now in a world filled with anxiety, violence, and uncertainty. I hope the world can find a way out of the mess we humans are making right now.

June 22, 2016

Ever since I was five...

It's been five years since my last Last Day of School, but, ever the teacher, I think of those special days in this way:

Ever since I was five
(a long time already to be alive),
the happiest importantest day of all
was not the colorful first day of fall
as awesome and glorious as that can be.
Nor was the day of gifts under the tree,
though certainly pleasant...
the red green mood, the brightly wrapped present...
And Fourth of July would line up for sure
in a list of favorite events to occur,
one would think, its redbluewhitelong
warm firecracker day, a contender strong.
Not birthday day with birthday balloon.
No, the winner was always day in June:
But the Junemoonswoon means nothing to me.
and I never intended a June bride to be.
June, instead, whether grown-up or five
has the very best day to be alive.
Because, whether the day be warm or cool,
It's the playful day AFTER the last day of school!

To all my teacher friends, far and near,
May upcoming summer days be your best of the year!

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