June 28, 2013


I'm late for my May postcard exchange. Wherever did May go?

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June 14, 2013

Oh my Mary Ann

Mary Ann Moss is about to begin another class. What fun!


June 8, 2013

Catching up...#2 in series

...wherein I see what the women and men in my own sweet blogroll are up to.


Aimee at artsyville has posted the story of these bright and cheery painted cork tiles. This is her photo from her blog.


Amanda Kavanaugh is a sketchbook artist and painter. Among other things, she paints the most amazing clouds. She posts her travel and daily sketchbooks in their entirety and they insire me. Here's a page from one of her travel sketchbooks: They look like crop quilts so that's what I'll call them!  Simple idea made fanciful. 



June 6, 2013

Annual Check-up.

Before moving my "blogroll" (do they still call it that?) to my new web page as a separate list, I decided to visit each of them to see what they are up to. This will take a bit of time, but I'm sure it will be great fun and inspirational. I'm limiting myself to 15 minutes at each site (unless the spirit overtakes me) lest I fall in a huge ethernet hole. Here are the first three:


Today, I revisited:  who are really Antonia Santolaya and Enrique Flores. I enjoy the flip through sketchbooks. Here's one.

98 Pages . Holy Cow, what is not to admire about the design of this web site. Now I remember why I included this guy. Love, love this brain. Another flip through a sketchbook of a truly innovative artist. Creativity, thy name is Craig Frazier.


Cathy Gatland draws and paints sketches from South Africa. I enjoy her sketches immensely: very fresh, spontaneous. She is an active Urban Sketchbook member. Urban Sketchers has a new online store of prints of sketches from around the world; she has a couple there, unless they've not surprisingly been sold by now.

Cathy Gatland


June 2, 2013

More Inspiration.

Michel Longuet from his website
This artist and this web site (France! Paris!) and this artist whose "What I Saw Today" often appears in NYTimes have inspired me. I think I must go out and about making cute little drawings of ordinary things. I love how Michel Longuet takes a small piece from his larger sketch to index his work.
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