June 6, 2013

Annual Check-up.

Before moving my "blogroll" (do they still call it that?) to my new web page as a separate list, I decided to visit each of them to see what they are up to. This will take a bit of time, but I'm sure it will be great fun and inspirational. I'm limiting myself to 15 minutes at each site (unless the spirit overtakes me) lest I fall in a huge ethernet hole. Here are the first three:


Today, I revisited:  who are really Antonia Santolaya and Enrique Flores. I enjoy the flip through sketchbooks. Here's one.

98 Pages . Holy Cow, what is not to admire about the design of this web site. Now I remember why I included this guy. Love, love this brain. Another flip through a sketchbook of a truly innovative artist. Creativity, thy name is Craig Frazier.


Cathy Gatland draws and paints sketches from South Africa. I enjoy her sketches immensely: very fresh, spontaneous. She is an active Urban Sketchbook member. Urban Sketchers has a new online store of prints of sketches from around the world; she has a couple there, unless they've not surprisingly been sold by now.

Cathy Gatland


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