April 27, 2014

Today's Sunday Papers Treat

I am such a sucker for interactive maps, visual encyclopedias, graphic data. And, baseball fan that I also am, though somewhat temporarily disenchanted with my frustrating Cubbies, I particularly love this map. It's highly interactive and you can find out much more detail, even to the city, about who your friends and neighbors follow. Who knows? You might be living next door to a White Sox fan. Oh dear.,41.7495,-87.7957


April 20, 2014

Sketching coffee and tea house

Loving the Roosevelt Arts District in Phoenix. As I did last year, I stopped for coffee at the Songbird Coffee and Tea House, a cozy place I remembered from last year. I sketched for Skool. I met Taylor, who was interested in the sketching, and we had a long and interesting conversation about travel, art, work, play, and the places we had lived in which were often the same.

New Sketchbooks


New York City….

Ya gotta love manhole covers.


April 19, 2014

Hollywood Phoenix style

Not only did I get to view the Hollywood Costume Exhibit, which was quite nice, I was treated to this Hollywood-y scene on my walk from the Phoenix Art Museum to my car which I had intentionally parked a few blocks away. I am getting braver with the heat. I am so proud.


At the museum

In the Palette Cafe at the Phoenix Art Museum where cool
portraits hang around . Menu looks great. Hoping food is as good!

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April 18, 2014

Skool Klass shoes

One of my assignments in Sketchbook Skool...
An assignment in Sketchbook Skool, Danny Gregory style. A wash over the page first, painted general shape on shoes with acrylic pink, then drew in one on the pink.

Hmmmm... They are a lot pinker in real life. A lovely summertime pink!

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April 16, 2014

Have Pages, Will Travel

Some of the signatures made in Mesa workshop last weekend and putzed with since…love lots of color but now will work on toning it all down to post some pictures, drawings, thoughts….

Is this fun or what? 


April 13, 2014

Where the paint dries fast...

Carolyn in the painterly apron, Tangie on the right, me on the left..happy faces, painty hands.  
I participated in Carolyn Dube's full-day workshop at Tangie Baxter's Very Fun Studio yesterday in Mesa while vacationing here this month. We painted all day with dozens of stencils for our use. It was great fun.

The paint dries fast here.

Tangie Baxter's studio is a visual delight. Having a turquoise theme in our own guest bedroom,  teal/reds/yellow  sophisticated-but-kitschy look wowed me. 


April 8, 2014

Wrapping up.

Last summer I painted patterns. I took Mary Ann Moss's SEWN online class to get inspired. I have loved working with these patterns ever since, and am about ready to start a new batch. I made color copies of some favorites - using high quality printer paper - and just discovered another use for them. I have a present ready to go, but didn't have wrapping paper. Voila! put four of these together, covered the seams with pretty ribbon, and a luscious wrap. Don't you agree?


Eating my way through Skool.

Using only pen today, I drew my first two meals. Frankly, breakfast without color looks like a jumbled mess o' junk.


April 7, 2014

Morning in Arizona

I am taking Danny Gregory's Sketchbook Skool because…why not?
Besides, I love his work and philosophy and his story. He inspires me.
So, hopefully, will be posting regularly these sketches and drawings I do for "skool" -  They don't translate to photos well. I'll need to figure out better systems than I have. I'd post more often if it weren't so dang complicated.

I had the shadows, once. Too many stones...should have left it less stony. I loved how the shadows from the tree webbed the entire yard and crawled up the wall. Beautiful blue morning.

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