May 18, 2013

Paint the World

This is a cool idea. It's a "Virtual Paintout." Hosted and started by Bill Guffy, Virtual Paintout use Google street views as a resource for painting or drawing a scene. Photos provided by Google aren't allowed; one must put the little yellow man on the street and find a view to paint. This has been going on for a few years; how did I miss it?! Each month is a new location. This month it's Lido di Jeloso, the island off Venice. Paintings submitted each month are plentiful and of such a variety. Very fun to spend time looking at them. I'm going to do this. I've picked a few possible spots, but I'm not quite there yet. Meanwhile, have a look.

A Reading List

For those of us who enjoy solo travel, this says it well To be continued:

May 17, 2013

I've been away...

Now I'm back.

Eye candy for those who love lettering. Watch all of his videos for a taste of pleasure. His name is Seb Lester. Thanks, Mary Ann Moss, for letting us know about him.

Sketchbook Inspiration from Seb Lester on Vimeo.
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