April 23, 2017

When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy said that, and I was reminded of it in the most recent Brain Pickings weekly post. Go here for details, but...yes. Yes.


April 12, 2017

Official Walk Report

Had to take my coat off on the walk because it was too warm! You-hoo.

Who the heck does NOT love tulips? 

                        The Adirondacks make me extra thirsty for spring and summer. Hurry.

One Red Chair I shall love sitting in this summer.

I met Macy today. I was charmed.  

April 8, 2017

Too. Much. Fun.

Breaking News:
Girlfriends meet up for art retreat in the One Red Chair Studio. Location different this year but
she found her way, Chelan to Bonney Lake, piece o' cake.

We managed to fit in a few games and o yes maybe a wee bit of shopping, too, (yes, wee...) but we really did do a lot of art!

Diane and Carol in the Red Chair Studio, Bonney Lake edition. 


April 1, 2017

Enjoying Arizona...

which, because it knew we were coming, gave us sun, but not too much; breeze, but not too substantial; warmth, just the right amount, and the color "sky," the blue one not the gray. A lot of games  and laughs with our pals, a Cubs game to cheer, a day to catch up with family, a day in artsy Scottsdale, and neighborhood walks to enjoy the prickly things.


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