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Photo taken by me, Paris, 2013
Welcome to my blog! My name is Diane Moline and I live in Bonney Lake, WA, somewhat close on good days to Seattle.  I have transitioned from teacher to artist...wait a minute...I have always been an artist, just as I will probably always be a teacher. I make zines, visual journals, paintings, sketches, and play with all sorts of mixed media. I began this blog in 2008 and use it to share my art, works in progress, mostly-arty thoughts and digressions. I also enjoy sharing my love of all things arts, play and fun, and the daily surprises of life. That includes art created by others, public art, art from my travels, and discoveries from the digital world. All credited, of course, and hopefully presented to you for your own perusal and deeper inspection. I post regularly and also run my web site at, where I share and sell my work and travels, as well as cool resources. I am the author of The Garage, a zine, and, soon a MegaZine, "On the Diagonal."I hope you find the blog interesting and that you will return regularly. Thanks for visiting!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah Diane!!!! great to see what you are doing since
NIU. Best room mate ever!! Life is still good for us!!
I will watch your adventures.....God Speed...Cy

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