December 26, 2008

A favorite photo I took on a walk in my hometown in northern Illinois a couple of years ago. Lots of old Victorians that I never noticed growing up (or didn't care about!)


Kathleen said...

Hi Diane-I love this photo and your Flickr sketches are great - I grew up in Northern Illinois (Hinsdale) & Lived in Bellevue WA(124 108th SE )- in the late 70's for a few years-- so we have a lot of Geography in common - Did you ever live in Oklahoma or Utah? (just joking - but I have lived in those place too- )

Happy New Year-- I hope to see more of your artwork on your blog or flickr- Kathleen

Diane Moline said...

Thanks, and we do have similar geography, although while you were doing Oklahoma and Utah, I was doing southern California...I hope to be much more active this year making art and less active grading papers...

Diane Moline said...

And, Kathleen, aka hammeredplayer, after I returned your message, I went to your blog and realized you are on my blogroll and Creative Spot Blog one of my favorite places to visit. I love your work and enjoy reading the blog. Diane

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