October 17, 2013

Montmartre Moments

Impressions in Montmartre Delatre, Müller, exhibition
This friendly-looking guy enticed me to an exhibit of his work today. It is a self-portrait of Eugene Delatré. I didn't know him before today. He was among the painters, printers, artists living and painting in Montmarte early in the 20th century. Think Moulin Rouge, Renoir, Picasso, and LaTrec.

This artist was a supreme etcher and printer. I fell in love with his pieces when I saw the exhibit today at the Musee Montmartre.

The museum is on this street but it didn't look so great back then. I saw pictures. Believe me.

Renoir lived in this building for a few years back then. He would take his large easel to the streets and paint all day there, then return at night to his room. 

This was on the grounds also. It is the swing from "The Swing" ...a painting you may recognize! Critics didn't like it when it was first presented. He took a hit. Don't know what they didn't like about it.  What's not to love about that dappled light? 

There were old photos of many of the artists who made their name here and spent their days and nights on the streets and cabarets. Fun to see early Picasso, young and old Renoir, Toulouse LaTrec....
I thought the best part of all was a large model of Montmarte with the artists' homes and studios designated. 

 I pooped out before getting to see everything I had hoped to see. I love scouting around and finding famous spots. (Yesterday we found Ernest Hemingway's first apartment in Paris with Hadley and Jack.)  I wanted to find Amelie's cafe and Picasso's studio. Alas. Must save for next time. Hilly, you know. Lots of hills and steps. but what views!

Walking the street is such fun. How else do you come across a silver man taking a cigarette break?



Joanne Huffman said...

An artist's delight!

abby j said...

Sounds like a heavenly day, Diane!!

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