December 17, 2015

Hadn't had my quokka of smiles until...

After a 10-day vacation to take care of business and spend some time with my BFF in California, it's back to spending some time in the red chair studio. The cats continue to spend their time in the red chair.

I posted a Daily Amazing on the web site. You will LOVE this, I guarantee.  If only for the reason to introduce yourself to a quokka. A quokka with a charming smile, may I add. How can you resist?

Photo by Allan Dixon


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Claudia said...

Hi Di, love your pix of Oceanside... it was such a wonderful time there! I shared the "quokka" post on FB especially for my niece Carol's daughter Sara, who is such an animal lover. I think she will someday end up as a veterinarian! Also, I had not seen all your various versions of the Red Chair... I love them, especially the ones with the kitties. xoxox Claud

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