July 11, 2014

The Amazing Sketchbook Project

Really. Truly. Shelves and shelves of sketchbooks contributed by people from all over the world. The Sketchbook Tour Mobile library arrived in Seattle today yesterday for 3 days, parked in front of the Central Library. Much easier to access this time.

My favorite: Penelope Harris, Today I Was Inspired By  in which this Vancouver Canada artist creates art in the style and spirit of favorite artists, incorporates perfect quotations, and whose workmanship and creativity blew my everlovin' mind.

Three selections from this luscious piece of work:

Penelope Harris

Penelope is inspired by Nick Bantock and Francis Bacon

Penelope is inspired by Lynda Barry and Robert Rauschenberg

And when I found the book on SP, I also found the others she has contributed, The Science of Story, The Builder of Bridges, and Time Traveler.
wowie wow wow…  Penelope has a blog here.

And….Mike Brennan I Once Was Lost charmed me, too.

Is this a good place to remind friends and readers that I, too, have a selection in the Sketchbook Project of 2013? If you haven't had the chance, I would love a look. It's called Hometown Journeys. It is in the theme of travel, but I chose to travel to local places to which I had not yet paid much attention despite living here since 1995.  I combined parts of photos with my sketches. It was a thick book with some foldouts and didn't translate well to scans at the SP site but you'll get the gist. Or you can check out my Flickr site to which there's a link in the right column here.

The weather was photo-perfect and we sketchbookers made friends with each other as we enjoyed the work of other artists "checked out" two at a time. We passed the books around and wrote names down for later enjoyment. (Many of these sketchbooks are also digitized on the Sketchbook Project site to enjoy at our leisures.)

Three hours was not enough time, though. I grabbed a gelato at a new place called Vovito….

and maybe I'll return tomorrow. I'll once again grab the bus to town and enjoy the books and the great city. The city is so vibrant; it matters not the weather or the day or the hour. I love cities and I love Seattle!

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