July 18, 2014

Assignment: Selfies

On both of these sketches, I used regular sketching pencils and a dark wash pencil. I did a few others in ink but then miss being able to shade for the depth and curves of a face. 

In Sketchbook Skool, we are drawing selfless - in real life with mirrors and from photos. Here are a couple of my selfies with my new goodies from Zazzle: a Sketchbook Skool hoodie (I love hoodies in the winter - so cozy!) and my bumper sticker. I also got a mug. Thankfully, I cleaned out my mug shelf a few weeks back in an effort to downsize it. So I had an empty space.

Do they look like me? A little. Parts.



Tammy Hemion said...

Looks just like you! Beautiful!

Joanne Huffman said...

What great (and accurate) selfies!

Cherie Criswell said...

Wow Diane, you are an artist. Your selfie looks just like you :-) I don't know why I am surprised - you are a very talented lady!

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