July 3, 2014

Thinking pink this week

Two things today…to let you know that there's a link on the right to a PDF of the zine Carla Sonheim put together of art by participants in the Fairy Tale Year class. You will find so many creative versions of the Princess of the Pea there. You should go. It will amuse and inspire you.

The other from my sketchbook is my first contribution to Sketchbookery, Mary Ann Moss's class, and an update on our cat, Rose.

I was wearing figuratively, at least, pink last week. A very good friend had breast cancer surgery. She is doing well and the outlook is good; I am grateful and delighted she will be fine and she found it in time. Ladies, do your self-checks!

In a recent check-up, the vet found a small tumor in our tuxedo cat, Rose, that turned out to be cancerous. She had it taken out last Friday. She came home expectantly groggy and disoriented, and we did our duty, protecting her stitches from her licking in a variety of ways. We started with a baby t-shirt that lasted about 5 minutes. So we cut off the sleeves. No go. Then we bought a Thundershirt (?) made for putting around a dog or cat in anxiety. Caused more anxiety to us; too small to fit her fat belly and trying hard not to touch her sore belly. Then Bob went across town to find another bigger one.  Well…it fit, and she couldn't lick anything, but she also couldn't walk very well. Not sure whether it was still some grogginess from anesthesia or a constricting of back leg muscles, but, after a night's sleep and falling off the bed unable to right herself, I took that thing off promptly and came up with a few knit scarf versions - tying, pinning, and finally stitching.  Let's just say we put it on again often in the next few days. It kept falling off her butt end!  Becoming wise to us, she started resisting the sweater and it was taking two of us to get her recalcitrant legs through.

It isn't pink but it did have a nice round bulls-eye :)!

It took a hot day like Tuesday (record heat for this day in Seattle) to convince me to leave it off and hope for the best. We got GOOD NEWS from the vet about it; we think we have it licked. Pun intended.

I keep reminding Bob it's cheaper than college.


Phyllis said...

I was waiting, with patience, for you and Bob to create THE solution to the cone of shame, "don't lick yourself" phase of animal recovery. Alas, with creativity and persistence, you all did what you needed to do.The watercolor goes well beyond!

Joanne Huffman said...

Love the journal page art. Glad she (and you) got good news. My daughter has a Tuxedo cat who was very indignant when she tried to get him to wear a bow tie.

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