July 12, 2014

Shattered dreams.

Did I get your attention?  Make that, Shattered Vases and Dishes and Bowls.  Hammering broken items into workable pieces to make a tiled outdoor tabletop.  I have done one before on a small table (we break a lot of dishes) and I love how it came out. Hope to love this one too. Although it will probably have to stay with the house if we sell. Pretty. Heavy.

these are photo of a vase in pieces that will take its place among the ruins. I distinctly remember that I deliberated over a good length of time deciding which of several beautiful - and costly - vases I was going to spring for. Although I love artisan pieces and paintings and admire the talent and hard work, I only invest (which is what I consider these purchases to be) occasionally. Finally decided on this pretty thing and, sadly, within a month it was broken. (Another reason I hesitate buying expensive stuff…klutzy cats, cleaning ladies, and yours truly. 
My Michael's vases are all intact, however. :)

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Joanne Huffman said...

Great looking project (but, sorry about your pretty vase).

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