March 23, 2015

Whenever my friends and I get together for lunch, especially if it's been a while, we begin to make an agenda of catch-up items. We don't want to miss any news and views! Or, if we meet often, we're likely to bring with us our latest clippings - physical or virtual - to share. Let's just say, in either case, we rarely if ever lack for conversational topics. Call this my Did You See? opportunity I'd like to share with you over lunch. Are you going to have wine? Let's split dessert.
"It turned out that, for all the intricate calculations people like to use to complete their bracket, some pretty simple math goes a long way." (Yay, math!) 

Then: Your mother.
Now: Auto-correct.

Then: Marzipan
Now: Kittens in Sinks

Then: God
Now: Free wi-fi

Probably true.  
Loose Ends, Henry Alford. 

Well...okay. I'm posting this Maureen Dowd opinion essay not because of its relevance (but it is) but for this image. Oh, I have seen THAT face!

Amy E. Lrice/Getty Images

4. And, for all of the Smell of The Printed News Lovers like me:

"Print readers love print. The affinity they have for it is astronomical..."

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