March 18, 2015

An anniversary of sorts.

This was my first post on Blogger seven years ago almost to the day. Just for a second look, okay? As old as this post is, it truly is in the category of buried treasure.

I had been blogging for a few years before that with the Mac web app that looked great but didn't work all that well and then was discontinued by Apple anyway. We Maccers had to scramble for something else. Which was fine; it was time. Except most of my genius was in those blog posts, ya know? Gone forever. Probably a good thing. You can't go home again.


Joanne Huffman said...

It's like an art journal. I like reviewing old blog posts.

Claudia said...

Happy (approximate) anniversary, Di!! I feel so lucky to have had a close-up view of your creativity all these years! xoxo

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