March 7, 2015

Friday Finds

This week's Friday-but really  Saturday I suppose- Five includes a museum exhibit, a clever video, and three artists I learned about while out and about. 


"Impertinent Collection...Re-imagining the masterworks of MOMA"... Irreverant - but perfectly suited- take on modern art at MOMA.  Article in March 1 NYTimes. Amuses me.


Yayoi Kusama.   Patterns. Color. Love. Read about this artist here and here.

Artist Yayoi Kusama with her latest work. Photo: Gautier Deblonde
from an Architectural Digest article

If you haven't discovered this one yet, you should.  You really should.


Melinda Tidwell. Her Pinterest site. You can tell a lot about an artist surveying their Pinterest interests! I suppose that's the point somewhat, yes?  At Art and Soul Retreat, Jane Davies told us about this artist. Jane is very cool. Love her artistic and teaching style. More on that later.
This is a small part of larger piece by Melinda Tidwell 

Tom Judd. Everyday.  Amazing sketchbook journal, dozens of quick images sketched for each day of one year.  Check out the sketchbook flip in the video. 

A still, captured from video of Everyday. Tom Judd.. 

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