October 28, 2016

Paris walk deux.

  House on rue Christine where Gertrude and Alice lived,.

 Had a good night's sleep last game!  Yesterday I walked and walked and walked, grabbing the Metro in a couple of places only. I found some areas I had not yet been ever.  I followed my map and I sought out places where Gertrude STein and Alice B., Toklas lived (the best of the lot that I saw)...Picasso (the worst!)...e.e. cummings...and where Henry Miller, destitute and depressed, took his life., One door looks the same as the other, and time has certainly changed the area, but still, I could see the general idea. And it would hardly surprise anyone that Gertrude and Alice had a very fine place, don't you think. Avenue Christine still seems like a go-to street. At least in my imagination.

I saw lots of art and many people to paint and draw later on.  And sat near a gorgeous young Parisian man-boy who I think was courting a peppy and pretty Parisian girl.  First date? They were having a wonderful time and many laughs.  He was so handsome in a fresh-faced way  I did a double-take at first glance. Oh I do miss my youth.

The best thing for me on these walks is Google Maps. Thank goodness for Google maps. It does not require wi-if but lets me know where I am and what direction I am traveling. A life-saver when one is roaming strange new places and can turned around quite easily with street name changes, as does the City of Light.  Metro signs also save the traveler. Look for the METRO! 

   At Sennelier Art, up on the 3rd floor one gets to by a deep spiral staircase there is a wall of self-portrait drawings by customers.   Mine is the blurry one at the bottom. 

      One can never bypass one red chair.

One red chair?


  Add an S, si'l vous plait. 

Yay, Google maps


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Karen Rohlwing said...

Love following you on your trip! That young couple were young in years, but you're young where it counts the most! Now come home and let's get this Series won!

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