October 24, 2016

Paris alone...

First, let me say, we arrived back in Paris after a wonderful few days in Provence. We had the rest of the day, Sunday, to puts around Paris a bit. Alas, it began to rain enough to search out umbrellas. I was on adrenalin having been aware since 2 a.m., (what else would a Cub fan to than to watch the game live, France time?). As I posted in FB the previous night...

Absolutely worth the loss of sleep. World Series bound!

I had hoped to share more from our experience but in Provence; the days were full, we were busy, and posting has been a challenge. The Internet may be global but let us just say there is the French Internet and the U.S. Internet and I suspect the Swedish Internet blah blah and there are different rules for each. At least it seems to me. Not saying one is better than the other, but the concept of sitting down each day and uploading pictures and blogging relatively quickly and easily does not exist in my world. That said.,..

Going to try very hard to share my solo days in Paris. My travel buddy Jeannie got on her plane this morning and I am left to walk the streets alone. (One is never alone on the streets of Paris, however.)

My apartment is 275 sq ft, but is just fine for one. It is semi-cute, has enough lighting, an up-to-date bath, amenable kitchen area, Internet and many plugs,  and comfy bed. I would love to get my hands on it and make it cute, which would not be too hard....a small dresser with drawers, a colorful and comfy chair and table, another lamp or two, some posters or pictures on the wall, a bit of paint...The best thing is the location in the Marais.

I have spent the morning unpacking, regrouping, and counting...days, purchases,  Euros, things on my list.

I stood in a corner and did a quick sketch, sort of wonky and VanGogh-like. Trust me. The room is not as big as it looks here!


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