October 11, 2016

Getting ready....

In a couple of days I will be off to Paris and Provence. The timing isn't great; we are still putting things away and organizing the house from our move a little over a month ago. But I am leaving behind my husband, the kitties, and lots of piles of things get to find a place. And it will be good to get away. After a tour with a small group of women to Paris and Provence, I will spend a week solo in Paris. I'll not be sightseeing, but intend to hit obscure places and neighborhoods to sketch, something I rarely do when traveling with others. This is how I prepare for this kind of trip: get out the magazines, books, articles and find some interesting places I might not otherwise find. Whenever I travel alone, in the U.S. up to now, I do my homework and make my own travel guide. It's not in ink and I am always up to surprises and unplanned discoveries, but it's fun for me to have a little scavenger hunt for myself.

I hope to blog each day, especially during my solo week. I hope you will join me!

By the way, that's the Cubs game on the TV. We're losing. Hope that changes. Go Cubs. 


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