October 16, 2016

Day 2...

Whirlwind comes to mind. Our morning included a gourmet tour of markets, award-winning patisseries and fromagers (where we sampled the goods), a walk through the 5th arrondissement, entry into a secret passage in the middle of the city that our guide was privy to, and a cheese, wine, and grape stop before we embarked to the d'Orsay lunch and museum. More on that later. Our days are full. And though I have been here often, I found much that was new and all that was fun.

I sat where Owen Wilson sat before the black cab picked him up (Midnight in Paris)
There's a whole quiet community of lovely places to live behind these doors.

A jar of Parisian specialties

Art surrounds us.

Writing my memoir where Ernest wrote his.


Karen Rohlwing said...

Enjoy your trip! I'm loving it with you thru your blog...I could gain so much weight just looking at the goodies in the pictures!

Karen Rohlwing said...

Just saw this pic...another "Hemingway" in the works ✒️📝🖋

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