January 31, 2016

Things I Learned This Month

Oh, jees, January is over. Seemed long, and seemed short.  Between husbands and friends, we had broken clavicle, broken fibula, torn ligament, and displaced shoulder this month. Oh dear. I am intact, I state with gratitude, although the month isn't quite over. I hardly made any art, the studio is a disorganized mess I must deal with Very Soon, I neglected my journal, didn't get to the gym much. But yet I was busy and the days go fast.  I am on a fast-moving jet stream through life.

While at Starbucks (on my way to the gym to work off the chocolate croissant I ate despite my generous rating of pastry shelf of 6 out of 10), I thought about this stuff. And I drew some favorite characters from Plants vs. Zombies. These are my go-to Plants for defeating the rudest Zombies.

So here it is: Things I learned  (or re-learned) this month:

1.  Like pounds on the body, on and off, cluttering takes minutes; de-cluttering takes days. Weeks.

2.  It is not a good idea to overestimate the sophistication of 11-year olds.

3.  Procrastination has its rewards.

4.  I should listen to TED Radio more often.  Many driveway moments.

5.  To keep a decent disposition when the month is gray and days are short, I must either 1) make art or 2) plan travel.

6.  Paying a 90 Euro toll bill Italy for a jaunt which should have cost 5 Euros is painful.

And, finally.  If I don't have the Iceberg Lettuce in my arsenal, it's tough to beat the Explorer Zombie. (Okay. I already knew that.)


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Jeannie Vansickle said...

Love lit! And....did you really have to pay that toll? (90 euros equals ?$)

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