January 4, 2016

More Hombre McSteez ...Just Because.

Just have to add a note to a recent Daily Amazing I posted over on the web site. It was called Aug(de)mented Reality and is now in the Archives there. I recently discovered that this artist Marty Cooper, who goes by the name Hombre McSteez on his YouTube channel - has a cities video which is short but clever, as well as several other animated videos using actual photos in the background. He draws on transparencies and does amazing and funny things with them. The alligator he draws here gets out of hand, biting chunks from their landmarks of New York, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and the like. But aha! he solves the problem with his sketchbook...of course!  This kind of creativity just fascinates and excites me so much. Go look!

By the way, I just learned the difference between an alligator and a crocodile. An alligator you'll see later, but a crocodile you'll see after awhile. Don't tell me there's no value to Facebook besides cat videos.


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