January 7, 2016

Art Surrounds You

I found a pretty amazing collection of art through the Open Culture website. It's the Street Art Project, the size and scope of which could only be handled by Google. I talk about it on the website in the (Almost)-Daily Amazing section that I posted today.

I have always loved discovering street art and public art when walking neighborhoods and far-off places. I like to draw them when I can.

I have highlighted a few intriguing ones I have found in my travels at the GALLERY tab of the web site, starting with the very apt "ART SURROUNDS YOU" sign.

and here's a few of the long list of more I may want to search out myself, such as these: 


Shepard Fairey in Berlin

Shop Til You Drop, London


and this,
Olsztyn, Poland

Paris, 13th arrondisement. On my scavenger hunt list for next trip! 

....and this, and this, and this............

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