January 25, 2014

There is no now.

I have challenged myself in this journal to use these two items as part of the art: one of my daily news or comments clippings (alas and alack i am a clipper), and  photo from the hundreds I have in boxes. And, in addition, use a part of the image already existing on the page, since I am using a book from the shelves of Half Price Books. (This one is a favorite choice. It has photographic tricks on each page, showing the original photos and how the images were combined to make the "trick." Provides humor and creative diving board for me.)

I built this spread on an essay that appeared in the paper earlier in the month that spoke of Jewish philosophy that reminds us there is no "now" in the calendar. Our future calendar is rather bare but our past calendar has memories and experiences upon which to build memories and plan futures. It spoke to me, since my past is bigger than my future, much to my dismay, but trying to cope.


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