January 29, 2014

A couple of things....

OK, OK. it's maybe three things.  I always figured "a couple of minutes" means a few, not just two, although hubby Bob takes the more literal approach.

The fleeting quality of this man's work puts me in a strange mood. I am both excited and distressed by its temporariness. What a joy it would be to come across this art one fine day at the beach.

I am a fan of Mary Ann Moss - as many are - and check her blog daily, which is about as often as she posts. She has just returned to teaching after a year's sabbatical to refresh and renew. Luckily for these students and for her, she is in a 5th grade - the best age of all in my own teaching experience - and she has not wasted time imparting her gifts. I invite you to see what she's doing with them this week for Chinese New Year.
Note 1/14/2016. this link is no longer active but you can see all archived posts on her new site at This post was made in January 2014. 

Oh, and I am in the process of updating my link lists of sketchers and mixed media favorites of mine, because I am discovering a slew of artistry and talent on Pinterest. How great thou art, Pinterest. So many wonderful ideas to inspire me or just to enjoy. Eye candy. Imagination. Innovative. The stuff that moves me on to create or get movin'!  I have added several to my pinboards on the right side or here.


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