January 4, 2014

A Done Deal

Two-page journal entry for today. Started with the DONE DEAL Boeing headline, being with mixed feelings about the news:   good news for keeping Boeing in Seattle, not so good news for the future of pensions. Anyway, built up with ephemera from card and gift from a lifelong pal...there's a 1967 picture in there as proof.  Used paper I painted in Mary Ann Moss's SEWN online class and reminded myself to make some more this week. It was such fun and the papers are a blast to use.

Ooo.. just noticed. Must go back and etend those whiskers, poor fellow.

I also enrolled in Making Maps Skillshare workshop. There are some creative and inspirational personal maps other students have submitted. I love maps, so  I know I'll enjoy the map project..still thinking about what to do.  Right now, you can save $10 on your first class (my class was only $20). Go check them out. I saw some good classes listed - calligraphy, hand lettering, poster design, among others.

And, finally, I recently spent an hour at our library so I could view all the videos on Teesha and Tracy Moore's Artstronauts site. Vimeo videos just don't work well on my laptops, either one, but they flowed along like the Mississippi at the public lbrary. Talk about inspiration. Are you an Artstronaut yet?


Joanne Huffman said...

Great journal pages. You make me want to get my mark-making tools out. I've been wanting to journal, but have been away from home (and studio) for 5 days.

kristi said...

So glad I saw your FB posting with your blog address. I am here now, following along on your artful adventures, being inspired by your fearlessness. Feel me hovering above your art table, trying not to drool over everything. Love you to pieces!

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