January 2, 2014

Wisdom to start the new year off right

I am struck by a Frank Bruni column in the Seattle Times today, first appearing in NYTimes on Tuesday. There are so many thoughts he expresses that I can buy into with hearty "yesindeedies"...
He begins with advice from his mom, "little of it original - she was hardly the first to caution against horizontal stripes for anyone broader than Barbie -but much of it impeachable."  Whether or not you are a tweeter or Facebook user, I think you will find this article meaningful, especially if you are a book lover.  You will also enjoy Reader Comments to this article.

A sampling:

"....What would she have made of a world in which so many of us, entranced by the opportunity for instant expression and an immediate audience, post unformed thoughts, half-baked wit or splenetic reactions before we can even count to three."

"...pauses are the spaces in which passions cool, civility gets its oxygen and wisdom quite possibly finds its wings." (THAT's MY FAVORITE!)

"...I'd bet big on real reading, fiction or nonfiction, as a prompt for empathy and a whole lot more: coolheadedness, maybe even open-mindedness, definitely deliberation."

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Joanne Huffman said...

I love good pieces of advice - a nice way to start the New Year. I hope your year is filled with small adventures and great joys.

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