July 10, 2010

Just when I was getting crabby....

Rejoice!   P.S. The painting behind me of the school bus was done by a kindergarten bus student of my husband's, who is living out  his retired-English-teacher life as a school bus driver...and liking it!  We loved this so much we had it framed and in a prominent place in our home.
...about the record cool and gray we were having in Seattle area (longest time in record before a day that hit 75), the most beautiful day in history happened. It was followed by a 2-day heat wave, but then settled back into the summer days we know and love and keep a secret up here.  I absolutely cannot get enough of the warmth and light on these glorious days and spend most of my time on the deck or patio swing. The other secret (it's a good thing few people read this blog!) bugs!  (Well, not enough to matter) and no humidity. Who could ask for anything more? (Whistle the tune here.)

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