July 15, 2010

1000 Faces


I enjoy drawing faces. Just bought Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab. It's a great book, and there are some good ideas I'm also going to use with my students: Dr. Seusslike creatures, one-eyed monsters, change a fairy tale, "numbers" game, Rube Goldberg machines - to name a few. Kids will love this, I think - even the ones that insist they can't draw.

On the 8-hour drive to Ashland, I played with some of the ideas. (Gratefully, Bob does all the driving and I never get carsick - Yay!) These are faces that were in the Oregonian. I may start to collect other faces I've done and see if I can also collect and draw 1000 of them! Or maybe 45. Or 73.
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