July 19, 2010

Creation, Inspirations, Admiration, Procrastination

Who of us who make art in journals doesn't love this book?! So, while waiting for the sun to appear on this July day instead of the cool overhead overcast sky, I decided to randomly look up some artists who are featured in the book - because I have nothing else to do, of course '). Rarely disappointed in these searches, I once again found some new resources and talented artists and visual journalists.

Susan Bonthron (741-743) teaches bookbinding and journaling at Otter Pond Bindery in rural Vermont.

Looking for Sherry Tobin (732-7350, I found that her pages in Creative Wildfire and 1000 Artists Journals are referenced by several creative and crafty web homes, including Craftzine and Craftside.  Although some parts of these two sites are a bit too "crafty" for me, each to his own, there are videos and interviews of artists, directions and photos for many projects, and I saw some well-done tutorials rich with photos and helpful text such as this one.

In looking up one artist, who I didn't find, I was, however, led (as only the intrically-linked world of the web can do) to Karen Campbell at Karen's Altered Dreams; she has cool journal pages.

                                        Karen's Altered Dreams

Robin McDaniels ((702-707) is an artist featured in a virtual exhibit of journal pages called "Under the Covers." Paper Studio is a rich resource I've added to my own blog, a resource I'll be returning to often, I think. Besides beautiful papers they sell, at The Paper Studio there lives an video collection of how-tos, an exciting gallery of current and past exhibits (it will take you some time to peruse through some of this luscious work). The exhibit I referred to above showcases a collection of the work of visual journalists we have grown accustomed to admiring! The Paper Studio Blog pointed me to a revisit to Roben-Marie Smith's (688-697) delicious site On her blog are some tutorials - here's one called Vintage Placemat Journal.

Paperbag Studio
She is leading a collaborative journaling project called Points of View, which led me to Samantha Kira/JournalGirl where I especially enjoyed her Puffy Heart Journal page.  She does online classes, also, and leads a Vlog (video blog) where she does real-time journaling. 


One of the artists showcased work by Patty van Dorin, so I checked to see what she might be up to. Here's a reference to her work from Decor8.As you can see if you trip on over there, the visit to their blogroll will cost you even more time! Better stop soon so you (and I) can make art!

Not that I ever would get bored with life - I don't have enough hours of the day or years of my life left to do everything I want to do - but having these resources available where one link or online buddy (we're buddies even if the other person doesn't know it) can lead to a rich two hours of creation, inspiration, admiration, and procrastination. I am loving being part of the Technological Revolution and am so grateful there is a world where we can share our love for art and artistry. Okay, now back to my spray paint, stencils and canvas, today's agenda.

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