June 20, 2010



A page from an older journal I added some stenciling to. Changes the whole look. I like it. I buy big illustrator/design award books at Half Price Books, sometimes for a buck each! They are already books with sewn signatures, sturdy pages, and some great art. I find them a bit challenging and sometimes I get tired of them before I finish the journal - (because I have a short tolerance for the same thing...a reason my journals are all different in format. My tendency to get bored after doing the same thing twice...I must work on that.) I paint over a lot of things or use bits and pieces of an image for my own play. I take out a few because they get pretty big and heavy - not a journal I carry around with me, for sure. When I'm done with them ('s never done, since all of my journals still have pages to go back and add to), I'm ready for a different format. I have to say, though, that when I browse through my journals, these are the ones I enjoy the most. I think they force me to be my most creative.

Actually, now that I said all that, I think these pages were from catelog from Anthropologie or Chico's...ready-made signatures I also like to improvise. I never ever looked like those women, though, not even in my prime. I was always a bit disappointed when my pictures did't come out with me looking like Cheryl Tiegs. My streak of vanity at work.

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