June 22, 2010

It's Your Fault, Mary Ann

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My new art hero is Mary Ann Moss. You can find her at her blog, Dispatch from LA. I participated in Remains of the Day, as much as I could while working, and now that vacation has arrived I'm going to finish what I started.

Then, I had to have her stencil class, knowing how super creative the woman is, I'll get beyond what I already know and do. Another good step on my part. Out came the paints, the exacto, the box of junk I've used for background textures. Sitting around me now is a template under glass waiting until I can get a fresh supply of blades, some pages I started out on the lawn, and a roundup of other junk around the house I can use. I've been shopping for anything I can use for stenciling in hardware, craft, art, grocery, and dollar stores in my usual Immerse Myself Don't Wait approach to work and art. The pictures are my latest purchase of (mostly) on-sale diecut scrapbook pages that I love and adore.

Anyway, about Mary Ann. She is a hoot. Even if she had not one idea I can use (she has many) she'd be worth it to listen to. She's somewhat of a loner, I think, not eager to share her work in a crowd (probably won't be in line to teach at retreats, but who knows?), but getting to share online through videos fits her bill well. She and I share a style of work - neither of us are perfectionists, we get bored with repeats and measurements and precision, and we get messy. (I admire the work of many who do beautiful and careful work - talented Molly Hashimoto, watercolorist, and that creative genius Teesha Moore come to mind instantly - but have come finally to realize that it just isn't me. Bring on the mess.)

Go on over to Mary Ann's blog if you haven't already and if you can round up the dineros, sign up for her online classes. You won't be sorry. It's packed full of videos, sources, PDF directions, and inspiration - and she's funny funny funny. Being a fellow teacher spurs me on, too. If she can find the time, I must be able to better at that, too.

Posting some pages I've made with inspiration from Mary Ann next, and links will be added shortly.

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